The Caravan Dream

by admin on June 23, 2011

Our New Caravan.

2011 will see a new chapter in the Dogshotz story as Malcolm and Maya who own the business head out on the road in their Caravan. They have spent the last seven years traveling taking photographs in peoples homes. Malcolm and Maya started working only in Gippsland Victoria where they are based to then staying in Motels later Cabins in Caravan parks and lastly in a Cub SpaceVan Camper trailer.

With the increase in the area covered by Dogshotz coupled with their wish to spend more time away they decided to have a Caravan built. After four years dreaming, two years planning and 8 months waiting for Evernew Caravans to custom build their van, it is almost ready. Evernew have been custom building Caravans for over 45 years and design vans to peoples owns plans.

They hit the road in February 2011 starting in Gippsland, then Melbourne, Adelaide and Mildura.

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